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Government to revise planning regulations

 In a speech launching a major overhaul of the National Planning Policy Framework, the prime minister said that the government is “rewriting the rules on planning” to stimulate a boost in housebuilding. The existing planning system has caused barriers to some home builders and others have found loopholes.

The new rules could allow councils to take into account a developer’s previous rate of housebuilding when deciding whether or not to give planning permission.

Mrs May said it’s “time for builders and developers to step up and do their bit”, and that she expects these companies to “do their duty to Britain and build the homes our country needs”.

A new nationwide standard that shows how many homes authorities need to plan for in their area will be rolled out. Mrs May announced that the government will keep protections in place to prevent developments on greenbelt land.

Councils will only be able to build on greenbelt boundaries if they can “prove they have fully explored every other reasonable option for building the homes their community needs ”

Around 80 of the proposals set out in last year’s housing white paper will be implemented including: using land more efficiently; fast-tracking planning permissions for homes; giving greater certainty to local authorities; and putting local plans in place to give communities more control.

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